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  • Giovanna Rubin

Nanox: The words we use.

For the language sciences, more specifically #Linguistics, etymology is the field of study that studies the origins of words, and also grants the explanations of their meanings through morphemes. The word etymology itself, can be explained, being a joining of what comes in Greek: ἔτυμος/étumos (real) + λογία/logos (study).

In the #NanoxWorld, we are surrounded by terms that are not very usual in our Brazilian Portuguese, such as "pathogenic, bacteria, eukaryotes/prokaryotes, microorganisms etc."

That's why, in today's post, we will bring some explanations of the most heard terms in our #NanoxWorld and make you better understand how we work.

Pathogenic: πάθο/pathos (suffering or passion) + γενής/genes (producer of)

Bacteria: βακτηριον (rod). We can make an allusion with the shape of bacteria.

Eukaryotes: ευ (good or perfect) + κάρυον (nucleus)

Prokaryotes: πρό (before) + κάρυον (nucleus)

Microorganisms: μῑκρος/mīkros (small) + βίος/bios (life) + -λογία/logy (study)

Organisms: ὀργανισμός (organization).

Did you know these curiosities?

All types of sciences go together, which is why we, as a society, should value the all types of knowledge.

The #NanoxWorld has several terms that are very specific! And as much as possible we will bring them into a more accessible language for you, our reader.



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