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  • Giovanna Rubin

Nanox in the Scientific Spotlight.

Once again, #Nanox is highlighted in the press for its #innovation and #technology. This time the recognition came from the site of #CDMF (Center for Development of Functional Materials/Centro de Desenvolvimento de Materiais Funcionais), hosted by #UFSCar (Federal University of São Carlos/Universidade Federal de São Carlos), with investment from #CNPq, #Fapesp and #INCTMN (National Institute of Materials Science and Technology in Nanotechnology/Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia dos Materiais em Nanotecnologia).

On April 12th, Nanox received the illustrious visit of the researchers Elson Longo, Emeritus Professor of the Chemistry Department of the Federal University of São Carlos (DQ- UFSCar), of the Director of CDMF; Juan Andrés, professor at UJI and leader of the research group Química Teórica y Computacional and also of the researcher linked to UJI and also CDMF, Marcelo Assis

The visit was marked by the realization of a new partnership between CDMF, Nanox and UJI, to conduct new research in the area of multifunctional materials, with emphasis on semiconductors.

This was not the first time that Nanox has worked in partnership with CDMF and UJI. This association has already been responsible for several products with #bactericidal, #fungicidal and #antiviral properties, such as plastic films, respirators, fabrics, paper packaging, among others.

Get to know the UJI: The #UJI is a public university of higher education and is located in the city of Castellón in Spain and was founded in 1991.

This is not the first time that UJI has worked together with Nanox. Professor Juan Andrés has published, together with founders and directors Gustavo Simões and Daniel Minozzi, in the international journals "Nanomaterials" and "Japan Journal of Medical Science".



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