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  • Giovanna Rubin

Knowing the difference: viruses, bacterias and fungus.

Did you know that #Nanox technology acts against all harmful microorganisms, like: #viruses, #bacterias and #fungus?

They all look the same to us, unexperts. But if you paid attention in your biology classes, you should remember that there are some differences between the three of them. #Microbiology brings some definitions of those differences:

  • The virus does not have their own metabolic system. To survive they need a host. They’re formed of proteins and a nucleic acid. Some examples are: HIV, H1N1, dengue, rabies, and the #coronavirus - from Alphacoronavirus to #SARS-CoV-2.

  • The bacterias are living beings that can cause many diseases. They’re #prokaryotes, and can be classified as Gram Positives x Gram Negatives. Some bacterial diseases are: Cholera, leptospirosis and tuberculosis.

  • There are more than 100 thousand #fungus species in the world. The fungus have their own kingdom, the “Fungi”. Some fungal infections are mycosis and candidiasis.

Remembering that the term "#microorganism" is given to everything that cannot be seen with the naked eye", being the specialist in the subject called Microbiologist. But not everything can be considered bad, since not all are pathogenic.

The bacteria that make up the intestinal flora are beneficial to human health. Another example of the good "benefit" of microorganisms is the fermentation process.

We can mention a great success case of Nanox: The Antimicrobial Line of #Irani, which with the Nanox applications, obtains almost 99.99% #efficiency against pathogens.


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