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  • Giovanna Rubin

More than preservation: The technology that can go beyond and add the antiviral effect to surfaces

Consumer goods are an essential reality in our lives. For many years, we have maintained an unnoticed relationship with everything we consume and, at some point, we discard.

But we never stopped to reflect much on this relationship. The speed at which they lose value is one of the factors that differentiate consumer goods from durable, semi-durable and non-durable.

More than wear, use or become second hand, having good resistance or not to deterioration is an important feature. This naturally influences alot when analyzing whether it is worth purchasing certain products duringthe purchasing process.

Deterioration occurs spontaneously, due to the influence of the environment (humidity, extreme temperatures) or by theaction of microorganisms (fungi).

What have the companies done to get around this issue?

This reality caused companies from various sectors to invest in research and development in order to improve their products. So that they could thus solve an imminent injury.

This scenario has given greater meaning to the chemical industries as the applications that require preservatives are always on the rise.

Various applications can be benefited, an interesting case is coatings, such as paints and varnishes.

The quality upgrade of these materials extends to the products that go through these finishes and thus gain greater resistance against deterioration.

That is, additive materials such as varnishes and paints with preservatives bring benefits not only to the product itself. But also where it is commonly applied, making consumer products increasingly durable.

Nanox is going beyond that.

This is how companies from various segments lined up for a new innovation milestone during the pandemic.

A good example is Guararapes, one of the largest MDF and plywood panel industries in Latin America.

It applies this technology by coating its products. After tests, it was able to prove the inactivation of more than 99.9% of the COVID-19 virus in only 30 minutes of contact. Other companies have taken up lines that go beyond preservation and guarantee antiviral effects.

Expanding the cases to the Architecture and Construction verticals, many Nanox partners are already in the market with antiviral products, such as:

JBS Couros, a global leather processing industry;

Tapetes São Carlos, a manufacturer of carpets and rugs;

Cipatex, one of the leaders in the synthetic laminate market;

Among many others that have gained competitive space in the market with Nanox's microbiological safety.


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