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  • Giovanna Rubin

Antimicrobial technology for the textile industry: how to improve our fabrics?

The textile industry in Brazil is a very consolidated market segment in Brazil that operates in the manufacturing area. It's principle is the transformation of fibers into yarns and yarns into fabrics.

The textile segment is quite diverse and broadly meets the needs and demans of its final consumer. The textile market is often used in the fashion industry, furniture industry, among many others.

We often come across the misfortune of having to deal with the appearance of stains/odors that accumulate in our clothes and fabrics. This happens so much that many people don't even notice the real reason for this event. They believe that what is happening with their clothes and fabrics is a natural degradation.

But that's actually not true.

The degradation happens as a result of microorganisms. Meaning that a natural action of fungus and bacterias may cause all issues in the textile product. Even being a natural and biological there's a lot we can do to avoid such effects, such as antimicrobial technologies to additive in the textile.

But how it works?

Fibers with antimicrobial properties can reflect on their ability to inhibit and prevent the proliferation and development of harmful microorganisms.

After the neutralization of the pathogenical microorganisms, the veolution of this technology becomes indispensable for the textile industry. Without it, both clothes and fabrics become a favorable environment for proliferation of harmful microorganisms, thus being a enviroment for proliferation of these pathogenic beings, a so called "enviroment conducive to contamination".

The antimicrobial technologies are possible for us, Nanox, based on our knowledge and practices developed by nanoscience and silver microparticles.

Nanox is a pioneer and global reference for its intelligent materials for microbiological control. That being said, we became the first Brazilian company to prove the efficiency of its technology agains the SARS-CoV2 and the new coronavirus.

With our broad-spectrum antimicrobial additive it is possible to protect not only tissues, but various types of materials and coatings against pathogens.



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